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Live in Rosemead, Southern California 2013


Mua Thu Cho Em video



Tron Kiep Don Coi video


Music studio in Lake Forest California



Boulogne Paris, France 2009



Orange County, California 2009



Home at Lake Forest, CA 2008

CO DON with Pham Tuan

Ve Hue



Silver Springs, Maryland 2009

CO DON with Nguyen Anh 9



Lake Forest 2004


Paroles et musique Trinh Cong Son

Musique arrangement Dang Vu Khanh


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de la Fete Gala au chateau








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My love songs

Paris at La Celle Saint Cloud France


More songs . . .

Luu luyen                          Ai dua em ve

Mua thu la xanh               Dem buon                                           

Paris co gi la khong em   Crazy

Mua chieu ky niem           Buon

 May lang thang  Tinh yeu nhu bong may

Mua hong                       Thung lung hong

Les feuilles mortes            Tieng mua dem

Nang chieu                  Rieng mot goc troi

Noi dau hanh phuc            Khong

More songs . . .


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First MaiDiep's CD in 2003 at Escondido, California

Copyright@ 2005 HaMaiDiep All Rights Reserved  


La Mirada, Whittier California 2008

CO DON with  Nguyen Quang


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Music in MP3 archive :

1) HA TRANG                              Escondido, San Diego 2005

2) DUONG XA UOT MAU     Gala LYDA 2005  in California

3) MONG CHIEU XUAN      Gala LYDA 2002  in California


5) GUI GIO CHO MAY NGAN BAY          DoanChuan/TuLinh

6) SUOI TOC                              Paroles et musique Van Phung


Video archive :  

1) DEM NAY AI DUA EM VE            Gala  2007  in California

2) TINH YEU NHU BONG MAY         Gala  2005  in California

3) PARIS CO GI LA KHONG EM       Gala  2007  in California

4) CRAZY                                                Gala  2007  in California

5) BUON                                                 Gala  2006  in California

6) MAY LANG THANG                         Gala  2005  in California


Gala Yersin du 24 MAI 2008 a Paris, France

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Chateau du Domaine Saint Francois d'Assise

La Celle Saint Cloud  Paris, France

Details and driving direction to the Chateau

. . .




DV BROTHERS band in Paris



THE YERSINGER band at Cite Internationale Universitaire a Paris 14eme




Orange County, California 2008


Soiree St Sylvestre 2006 a Paris

avec le groupe DANG VU  BROTHERS (Yersin Dalat)

et  le groupe YERSINGER (Yersin Dalat)

DV brothers          gala 2005    video DVD

The Yersinger       gala 2005    video DVD








Khanh et HaMaiDiep

1rst day of Yersinger

The Nostalgie 2004







Nostalgie band California 2002 

LakeForest studio 2006  

Relai de Boulogne, Paris, France 2005  

Relai de Boulogne, Paris, France 2005

All songs were

master recorded


D@K Home Studio

Lake Forest, CA




Nostalgie Pre-Gala 2004 North Hills, California 

Nostalgie at the  Majestic 2004 Los Angeles, CA

 Lycee Yersin  website link

Yersin AAY

VIET THUC (Luu Nguyen Dat  - Yersin)


Groupe DANG VU Brothers

Groupe 71-72

Groupe Nostalgie

Groupe NostalgY

Groupe Yersinger

Groupe Ha Mai Tien

Yersinger Francois Vinh

ANDY Nguyen Yersin Group

Team USA Yersin Group

Hoang Duong Yersin Group

AELY Paris

Entre Nous TDNghia

Luu Huu Tinh

LY Dalat

Nguyen Ngoc Bich (promo 65)

Ha Mai Diep (promo75)


Stream Video :  

HMD  pictures  clip at Aliso Viejo park, California USA

Show Majestic 2004, Huntington Beach,California USA

Show Lyda Gala 2004, Anaheim, California USA

Hung Lam' s band, Rosemead, California USA

DKT Escondido, SanDiego, California USA

At the Majestic 2004

Live with pianist Pham Tuan

The Passion's Band


Los Angeles, California USA



MaiDiep's CD
Recorded  at Lake Forest, California 2003
NewRelease CD 2005 Learn more ›

Photos album :

HaMaiDiep personal gallery 2001
Studio photos 2004
Lyda Gala Los Angeles 2004


Paris 2005 Gala                 

Pre Gala Music Rehearsal PARIS 2005 

Pre Gala PARIS 2005 Champs-Elysees Restaurant 

AELY Gala PARIS 2005 Le RELAI   with Yersin'ger'sGroup

Post Gala PARIS  restaurant club SINO STAR 


Live pictures :

Thuy Duong cabaret

Dalat bistrot

Hot Pot Cabaret

Aliso Viejo park ,California USA

Groupe Yersin HaMaiTien

HMD  and the  Nostalgie's band

Chot Nho Cabaret



















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Ai dua em ve                 mp3 audio                  Chieu mua bien gioi     mp3 audio

Xuan hop mat               mp3 audio                       Ai len xu hoa dao          mp3 audio

Mong chieu xuan         mp3 audio                       Canh thiep dau xuan    mp3 audio

And I love you so          mp3 audio                       Crazy                                mp3 audio

Loi cuoi cho em             mp3 audio                      Tieng mua dem              mp3 audio

Tinh yeu nh bong may  mp3 audio                      Noi dau hanh phuc       mp3 audio

MaiDiep album CD 2002-2007                        MaiDiep album Nguyen Anh 9




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